About Give and Go Athletics


Give and Go uses sports and athletics to promote health, human development and informal learning.


Give and Go seeks to create opportunities for children and families to prevail. We seek the combined efforts of the community to promote positive change in Philadelphia.

How We Operate

We use sports and athletics to bring individuals from different backgrounds together to succeed. We serve children and families through community engagement and focus on using the resources that are readily available to us. We promote social entrepreneurship and invest in people and the community. We identify the relationship between sports and spirituality and stress teamwork and perseverance to power ourselves through obstacles.

Who We Serve

We serve children, families and communities that have been affected by formal and informal trauma.

Why is Give and Go Absolutely Necessary?

The social problem of poverty, inequality and community decay has made it difficult for children and families to sustain themselves in the absence of positive role models. Lack of positive role modeling is a contributing factor that leads to the cycle of poverty, violence and community decay. To combat these social problems, our youth, parents and communities must learn self-efficacy. By providing a positive ecosystem consisting of parents, mentors, coaches and activists, Give and Go Athletics can utilize effective strategies in reducing unwanted behaviors in the Philadelphia community. We also believe in the importance of assisting single parents and families with proper financial and emotional support which can increase the community’s ability to place value on self-efficacy, education and the family structure. Communities that lack unity are more likely to experience neglect, trauma and violence due to their limited interactions with positive individual influence in their lives.

Staff and Leadership


Caleb Jones is a North Philadelphia native who chose to serve his community and sees to it that children have the opportunity to prevail. Andre Wright is an educator and coach with deep roots in North Philadelphia who is committed to the growth and development of young people and families.

Our History

Give and Go Athletics was founded in 2009 when co-founders Andre and Caleb were working as Behavioral Health Therapists at Reynolds Elementary School in Sharswood North Philadelphia. At this time, extra curricular activities for elementary and middle schools were cut from the School District of Philadelphia’s budget. Consequently, young students throughout the city were left with a shortage of programs to occupy their time from 3pm to 6pm after school. This shortage of programs led to flash mob attacks and hundreds of misled youth. So, the first Give and Go Athletics program was created to meet the needs of our city's youth.